January 25, 2009: Relaxing Video Game Sunday

Today is my one day off for the week and the plan is to do nothing but relax.  I have really been looking forward to today.

The whole family slept in really late this morning.  When we finally got up and headed on down to the living room our first order of business for the day was to fire up the XBOX 360 and to play quite a bit of Lost Odyssey which we just picked up from GameStop yesterday.  I specifically bought Lost Odyssey because it is a JRPG that looked like it would lend itself very well to Dominica wanting to watch me play (unlike Oblivion which she finds very boring due to weak storyline and large amounts of endless travel and exploration.)

Lost Odyssey is a realy great title for watching like a movie (much like Dragon Quest VIII.)  The graphics are amazing on the XBOX 360 – another 1080p compatible title.  The game is exceptionally cinematic.  We both really enjoyed that several hours that we put into the game.  It is, though, extremely linear which isn’t my favourite type of game to play but does offer a lot more opportunity for making it more viewable by someone who is not directly playing the game.

I can’t believe that I made it through the entire day without having to work at all.  It was very relaxing.  We spent the whole day hanging out in the living room doing nothing.  I tried to complete Final Fantasy tonight but ended up dying when I reached the final boss (or so I thought it was at the time.)  So that was several hours wasted while Dominica was watching television.  It turns out that the end of the game is rather unbalanced from the rest of the game.  Not good game design.

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