January 4, 2009: Video Game Day

We really slept in this morning.  Boy did we need it.  I felt great getting up well after ten.  All four of us needed the extra sleep.

I was up the earliest, along with Oreo, so he and I came down to the living room and I took the opportunity to play some of Fable: The Lost Chapters.  I can’t play Fable when Dominica is around because she is playing the game herself and I do not want to spoil it for her.  Fable is a very storyline-heavy game and there is quite a bit of opportunity for plot spoilage.

I played a very long and difficult quest that totally stumped me the other night.  I tried to get it completed before Dominica came down to the living room but I failed and she managed to walk into the room at the exact moment that a major plot spoiler was occurring.  After an hour or more of nothing but action she managed to catch the five minutes of dialogue that she should not have heard.  She plugged her ears and looked away but it was too late and she caught some of it.

Once Dominica and Liesl came down I switched to playing Oblivion on the PS3 which I did for most of the day.  Oblivion is a hard to game to set down and then to come back to months later.  It has been over two months since the last time that I have played and the last time that I was playing I was in the middle of trying to close my first Oblivion gate so it was a really hard point to try to jump back into the game.  It took me several hours to get the hang of the interface again so that I could really play it without being totally frustrated.

This evening we decided to watch The Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan and Jet Li.  It was pretty good.  Not a Jackie Chan classic by any stretch but entertaining and a good film to watch on BluRay.

After the movie Dominica played more of Blue Dragon.  I tried to play some Final Fantasy III on my DS but spent about three hours trying to keep Liesl and Oreo happy and never got to the point that I could turn the game on let alone spend any amount of time actually playing it.

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