January 9, 2009: Oreo Goes to the Vet

We tried to go to bed around midnight last night but that did not work out so well for me.  Oreo was feeling pretty bad and needed me to take him outside roughly every twenty to thirty minutes for several hours.  I kept trying to go to bed after each trip thinking that it must be the last one but inevitably he would ask to go out again just before I could fall asleep.

The constant trips outside lasted until around five in the morning when Oreo just got sick and made a mess in the living room.  So I set about cleaning that up.  Then several more trips outside.

Around six thirty or so Oreo went out and got sick and then was able to stay inside for a while.  I gave up on the idea of going to bed tonight as I need to be able to work in the morning and just getting to bed at six thirty or later just does not work for that.  So I headed down to the basement to log in and get started on the day.

Oreo stayed in the living room for half an hour or so just standing behind the dining room table not feeling well.  He often stands like taht when his tummy hurts.  Then, around seven, he came down to the basement and laid down on his pillow beside me and fell asleep.  He must be very, very tired.  Any sleep that he can get is important in allowing him to feel better later today.

We managed to get a vet appointment for Oreo at the Peekskill Animal Hospital right around the corner on Crompond for a quarter till eleven this morning.  This is Oreo’s first vet trip since moving to Peekskill.  We have some concern that he has more than just an upset tummy and might have bloat.  He gets tummy problems frequently but this is far more serious than the usual.

We went to the vet and that took a while.  It looks as though Oreo just has a tummy ache and nothing to be too concerned about.  They took blood and urine samples, gave him an examination, gave him a shot to discourage vomiting so that he can get some nutrients into his system and put him on a mild anti-biotic for a few days.  We have to feed him lightly tonight and see how he does.  Likely he will be doing well by tomorrow.

Oreo was a nervous wreck at the vet’s office.  Poor little dog.  A long, painful, sleepless night then a trip to the doctor’s and his first time at this particular doctor’s office so he was extra nervous.  They had to try three times to get blood too which was really sad.  One of the needles got bent in his little leg.  He tried his best to be good and never yelped or barked.  He was definitely scared and in pain a few times.

After the vet we ran over to Stop and Shop, which is right next door to the animal hospital, and picked up the missing supplies for making Oreo’s food.  We aren’t going to let ourselves run out of that again anytime soon!  We will be making a batch this evening.

My afternoon and evening went by in a blur.  I was so tired that everything really was hazy.  Much of the afternoon I felt genuinely ill trying to force myself to keep working when all that I wanted to do was to collapse and get some rest.  Not a wink all night long and today was a very long work day as well.

We had a small Amazon shipment arrive today.  “The Baby Book” arrived which is our instruction manual for Liesl.  We also got the six volume of Family Guy on DVD.  We currently have the complete collection.  Now to get that working on both the AppleTV and the PS3.

I talked to Andy yesterday and got him turned on to h.264 (via the x.264 codec) rather than legacy MP4 like XVid and now he is in love with Handbrake and h.264.  He has his XBOX 360 updated and is using it to watch video content from his desktop.

The courier that is bringing our new television called today and scheduled to have the unit delivered sometime tomorrow.  It should arrive during normal business hours from nine till five.  Sweet.  I am very excited to move to a big 1080p LCD in the living room!  Very excited indeed.  Also excited to finally be able to watch stuff in our bedroom as well.

I am scheduled to work tomorrow morning.  That is going to be tough because I need some time to sleep before then.  I have to be up before eight in the morning.  At least I will be awake in order to deal with the television shipment.  The television is about seventy pounds without the packaging and extra stuff like the stand so this is going to be hard to move around.

Before calling it a night I set up the desktop to do a couple of Handbrake jobs.  We are now rather desperate to get stuff converted again so that it will work on the PS3 and the AppleTV and not just on the AppleTV.  I am hoping that maybe tomorrow I can test out the XBOX 360’s media capabilities as well as that is going to be important really soon as well.

Jenn and Angelo are planning on coming out to visit us in two weeks.  They live in the Philadelphia area and were married recently.  Angelo and I still have not met, in fact.  That will be awfully nice to get to see them.  Having a baby is a handy way to get everyone to come visit you 🙂

I am heading to bed around seven this evening.  I have caught my second (or is it third now) wind but I will be in horrible shape all day tomorrow if I do not get a lot of sleep now.  I am skipping dinner (I also skipped breakfast but did have lunch with Dominica) and just going to bed.  Hopefully Oreo will come snuggle too. He is also very tired as he only barely slept last night.  More than me but not by much.

Liesl had a very good day today which is crappy because I really didn’t get to see her at all.  I was either working or out taking care of Oreo all day and only got to spend about twenty minutes with my daughter.  At least I get to sleep through her fussy evening hours.  That leaves Dominica alone to deal with those hours which is going to be awful for her.  I can’t stay up until midnight, though.  It just isn’t a possibility.  Oreo will probably come to bed which does mean that Dominica will not have to take him out repeatedly while trying to deal with Liesl.  That makes the evening hours so much more difficult.  Both Oreo and Liesl suddenly go from low-maintenance to needing constant attention at about the same time every night.

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