February 11, 2009: Starting to Recover

Not much sleep for me last night.  Got to bed a bit after six and did not fall asleep all that quickly.  Then a somewhat restless night and up again at nine thirty and straight down to the office to work.  I did weigh in this morning and I have lost 3.3lbs since yesterday morning.  Stress is a great diet.

My sinuses are killing me today.  I was in a hurry to get to bed last night and did not refill my CPAP with water so it ran mostly dry which always causes problems.  I should know better but when you are that tired you are often not thinking about the water levels in your nighttime breathing apparatus.

Today was crazy as I spent the day attempting to build a new Zimbra server.  Building Zimbra is never as easy as one would hope.  It is an exceptionally involved process.  There are always a load of errors and tons of things that you have to work around.  It took most of the day but by the late afternoon we appeared to have a pretty smoothly functioning email server – no email being sent or received yet.  That won’t be for a few days at a minimum.  At least progress is being made.

I also got most of the instant messaging system rebuilt today.  I got a start on it, anyway.  It has been a very busy day.

This evening I finally got to a point where I was able to fire up Zimbra and connect to the admin interface and start reconstructing things.  I spent the rest of the evening putting information back into the email system.  That took several hours.

After an exhausting day we went to bed around midnight.  Sorry that the updates are so lean but I have been awfully busy today.  Keep in mind anyone trying to email me that you need to reach me via my Yahoo or GMail accounts since my usual is gone.

I was originally going to drive in to Warren tomorrow for drinks but that was cancelled and/or postponed until next week.  So I will not be driving anywhere tomorrow.

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