February 13, 2009: The Date is 1234567890

UNIX Time is recorded in seconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 – UTC.  This date is considered to be the beginning of the computer epoch or, more appropriately, the UNIX epoch (love live UNIX!)  At 23:31:30 UTC (that is 11:31 and 30 seconds on London time without daylight savings) the official UNIX date is 01234567890!

Funny enough, today is Friday the 13th and today is the first day that I haven’t had a major disaster with which to deal all week.  So much for superstitions.

Today is an early close for the stock market (because Monday is a US holiday, not because tonight is Friday the 13th.)  I did not realize that until almost lunch time so getting a shortened day was a nice surprise.

Our credit card bill came today.  I had been hoping that it was going to be a small one this month but, of course, there are all kinds of surprises to be had almost every month.  On this particular bill is Oreo’s multiple emergency vet visits as well as the cost of Dominica’s entire curriculum at the University of Illinois so the bill is much larger than I had been thinking that it was going to be.

Work was pretty busy all afternoon since it was a shortened day, but because we did most of our work early the evening was not nearly as long as usual – at least not for a Friday.  So instead of wrapping up really late at night we were able to wrap up more like it was a normal day.  Now we can be somewhat relaxed going into the weekend.

I was very thankful to have some extra time tonight.  I spent the evening doing the remaining setup on the new Zimbra server so that I could get it running to start collecting email.  It was around eleven tonight when I finally got it turned on and the mail started coming in again.  It has been a long week without mail and there are still a lot of kinks to iron out but at least mail is starting to come in once again.

I feel much better tonight knowing that this are mostly working.  We did not ship the server to Toronto today as we had hoped because we just were not able to get everything worked out with them quickly enough to make it possible but things are progressing and the new server should ship out on Monday or Tuesday.

Now for a nice, long, relaxing weekend.

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