February 18, 2009: Snow Again

Lots of snow coming down today.  I was starting to feel like winter was tapering off with the nice weather that we have had recently.  Late this morning it started coming down in big, soft flakes at a pretty steady pace.

I got a bit of a late start this morning.  Liesl tends to cause our days to shift very heavily towards staying up late and sleeping in.  She is willing to sleep in in the mornings but is very fussy in the evenings.

Two Buffalo & Pittsburgh N scale open top hoppers from Atlas arrived today that I got at an amazing discount on eBay.

Dominica had a very productive day.  She got a lot of paperwork done and telephone calls made.  I managed to get some bills paid today too.  Not very excited but we both felt good about the day in general.

My big project for the day, other than fixing a server at the office that was offline and being problematic, was dealing with an time synchronization problem on a Linux server running on VMWare Server on Linux.  I never came up with a really good solution and had to resort to running ntpdate via a cron job.  At least it works.

This evening I only got to do a tiny bit of model railroading.  My project for tonight was to add three new rock faces into the plasterwork that we did last night.  This is my first time uses molded plaster rocks so we will see how it turns out.  Since I have never worked with them before I only did so much preparation for them and no planning at all.

We watched two episodes of the first season (1984) of Murder She Wrote. Dominica never watched this show as a kid.  She saw it once or twice and did not really like it.  It was a classic in my home as a child. The show started when I was just eight years old as part of the big lineup of shows that all released around 1984.  That years seems to be the year that ’80s television really began.  Most of the shows running before that time were holdouts from the 1970s but in 1984 there was a large group of shows that really seem to epitomize the culture of the ’80s that all began around the same time.  Taking a snapshot of television programs running in 1983 and those from 1984 would be, if my memory serves, dramatically different from each other.

The snow did not really stick today.  It formed more of a slushing covering all over the place.  You can tell that it snowed all day but there is definitely no build up of snow.  There are some patches of ice here and there that I discovered while walking Oreo and almost falling down in the parking lot.

The event for which I was planning on traveling out to Warren tomorrow has been pushed off again so, most likely, it will be Warren next week rather than this week.  This weekend we have guests coming up from Wallington, New Jersey – Oreo’s daycare friends!  He will be very excited to see them as he has not seen them since we moved and he used to see them for nine hours every day.  They were a major part of his life for two years.  They are bringing their baby boy up to meet Liesl.  They are only several weeks apart in age.

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