February 23, 2009: Diorama Finished

Today is my day to finish the model railroad diorama that Dominica and I have been working on all week.  I managed to get almost all of the work on it completed last night but there was a little bit left for today that continued to need me all day.

Genesee and Wyoming Alco RS1 Diorama

The main job for today is adding the rest of the trees to the diorama.  Since we do not have the right glue for this task (the right glue dried out in the kit and went bad) the trees are quite hard to do.  I am using Elmer’s glue instead which works great once it sets but is very liquid and everything has to be supported with toothpicks for hours until it hardens.  We lost a lot of trees throughout the day as they toppled over just from wind or the shaking as we walked around the house.

I am finally managing to get some of the images up on Flickr that have been collecting on the cameras.  Lots of pics so they will be coming for another day or two.

Today was pretty busy.  Every once in a while I would get a chance to pull myself away from work to reset a happy little tree on the diorama.  Overall it was a busy day.  Didn’t really get a chance to even Twitter much today.

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