February 9, 2009: Dad Gets to Stay Another Day

I worked from home today so I was able to emerge from the basement periodically throughout the day to visit with dad, Dominica, Liesl and Oreo although, for the most part, I was just stuck hiding down in the basement all by myself.  It can be a lonely existance sometimes.

Dad had been thinking that he was going to have to head back home a day early and leave today rather than tomorrow because of the weather but when he checked the weather forecast this morning things were looking pretty good so he decided to visit with Liesl and the Millers for an extra day and to go back home tomorrow as he had originally planned.

I did not get very much time to visit with dad today, but I think that it was a good day for him to get a lot of time just hanging out with Liesl and it gave him a chance to see a fairly normal Liesl day in action.  It was good that dad was able to stay today.  All of that driving for just Saturday evening and Sunday during the day is not very worth it.

After work was over this evening we spent most of the night just visiting but then, just before going off to bed, we watched the first few episodes (except for the pilot which is not available via NetFlix) of The Vicar of Dibley which dad has never seen.  It is strange that Netflix is missing the first episode of the first season.  It is the episode that explains the show and introduces the characters.  I wouldn’t want to skip it.

A lot of the things that we watch on Hulu, we have noticed, are missing really popular episodes pulled out of the middle of seasons.  It is as if they wanted to make sure that the online show experience was not going to replace the DVD experience for collectors but only to satisfy the need to sample shows and to watch casual reruns.

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