March 15, 2009: Another Sunday Working

I slept in a lot this morning.  I really needed the sleep.  I was in bed long before midnight and did not get up until around ten thirty.  It really felt great.

I made it down to the living room and everyone was just hanging out and visiting.  We decided that none of us really wanted to go anywhere today so we just stayed in and had lunch at the house.

Dominica’s parents left for Frankfort around two in the afternoon.  It was a good day for driving.  Weather was very good.  Liesl was not happy to see them go.  She really likes having lots of people around and being the center of attention.

Right after the Toccos left I got paged out and had to work for a couple of hours on a conference call.  I think that it may be as much as six weeks since I have had a single day off from work.  I am really starting to get burned out.  I really appreciate the overtime but one day of not having to log into the office would be really, really nice.

Dominica attempted to wrap up her third class in school this evening but ended up having a couple of problems that required her to wait for feedback from her instructor so that disrupted her a bit.  I spent several hours working on the one problem that she had to figure out what had happened.  We ended up burning most of the free time that we had today on this which was incredibly frustrating.

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