April 1, 2009: First Wii Fit Target

I got practically no sleep last night.  I went to bed just after ten thirty but really did not fall asleep until around three or so in the morning.  Dominica stayed up very, very late watching Good Neighbours on NetFlix OnDemand and I did not fall asleep until after she came to bed.  I don’t think that I actually fell asleep until after three in the morning and I only slept restlessly after that time.  I am guessing that I am pretty lucky if I got three hours of broken sleep throughout the night.  Today will likely be a long day.

I had originally hoped to have been able to have gotten up around six thirty this morning after going to bed so early last night but that did not pan out in the least!  It was more like eight when I finally got up and felt like crap.

My first order of business this morning was weighting in on the Wii Fit.  I was very excited because I have been really close to hitting my goal for the last week and I was feeling good about it this morning.  And this morning’s result was… down 3.7lbs from last weight in hitting my goal quite solidly.  I am now officially lighter than I was in 2007 at the end of the capital markets weight loss contest in which I came in second place after months of working as hard as I could to lose weight as quickly as possible.  I am now the lightest that I have been in many years and nearing the weight that I was when Dominica and I first met in 2001.  From my peak weight in October of last year I am now down 36 lbs.

The Wii Fit threw some confetti for me and let me set up my next goal.  Twenty-two more pounds in ninety days.  We will see how this goes.  This is going to be really, really hard.  I did twenty-two pounds in seventy days this last time.  I had only lost fourteen pounds before using the Wii to track the progress so this twenty-two pounds is going to be a lot more difficult.

Today was very busy and I barely had time to do anything today.  For the longest time I was just trying to deal with a backlog of requests.  They really come in early in the morning all at once.

I was so busy that I really did not get a chance for lunch today.  I came upstairs and ate with Dominica in the kitchen and then was right back to the office to continue working.  Not a lot of fun, but because I worked through lunch and got caught up with things we were able to take the “kids”, Liesl and Oreo, out for a nice, long walk a little bit later on.  It was a really nice day.  Warm but overcast.  These walks are really helping with the weight loss.  I have to keep doing them because the diet can only get me so far and I think that I have taken it about to its limit.  Luckily we are pretty hilly here so the walks are more strenuously than they might be.

Work was busy this afternoon but really did wrap up mostly by five and I was able to actually call it a day by six which seldom happens.  So I came upstairs and had dinner with Dominica.  We only had enough time all evening to watch a single, commercial-free episode of Babylon 5 together.  Neither of us have ever seen the show before and it is available on Hulu so we are checking it out.  Cheesy early 90s sci-fi but it looks to be about as good as Star Trek: The Next Generation so we will give it a try.

Liesl fell asleep in my arms tonight dancing around to Michael Buble.  She loves listening to light jazz and big band.  It is her favourite.  She falls right asleep.  She went up to bed around nine thirty or maybe ten tonight.  A better time for us.  That means that she will unlikely get up in the morning until almost eight!  Dominica is hopeful, anyway.

Dominica spent most of the evening on the phone and I went back down to the office to get more work done while she was not available to visit with me.  I was pretty tired after a long day and very little sleep so I decided to turn in to bed at eleven.

Tomorrow will be our last day at home for several days.  We will leave home on Friday and won’t be back home until Tuesday, most likely.  Monday night is the earliest possible and I don’t see that happening.  I haven’t even had a chance to talk to dad at all about our travel plans.  Hopefully he is reading SGL so that he at least has a heads up about it!

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