April 17, 2009: Watching the Gilmore Girls

This whole week has just been amazing weather here in the Hudson Valley.  We have been able to have all of the windows open all of the time – even at night.  It is great.

I took the Sunday shift this week so I am officially working all weekend (as oppossed to being paged out and unofficially working all weekend.)  I almost always work for several hours on Sunday so it really doesn’t make much of a difference if I am scheduled on or not.

The Ralstons were going to be coming down to visit us next weekend originally but have decided to move up the schedule and to come down during the week next week.  So now, if all goes according to plan, they will be coming down on Wednesday and leaving late on Friday.  Katie is then coming down on Saturday for a baking and wine evening.  This weekend we have no plans but to work and clean which we desperately need to do since we have visitors all next week.

Dad is leaving for Ohio tomorrow morning.  He is going to be there all weekend.

We are still in the process of moving stuff around the house that came in the last load(s) from dad’s house.  Today I managed to finally get the last of the books moved down to the basement and put up on the shelves.  Tons more work on CD and DVD conversions.  That is going to be a process that will never stop.  The CDs that came down are dwindling fast, at least.  I expect them to be all converted by tomorrow morning.  Then just the DVDs to work on yet.

We ended up speaking to Orange County BMW today and have committed to take the car.  We feel that we are getting a good deal on it.  Dad sent our title today so that we should have it on Monday or Tuesday of next week.  OC BMW is starting the paperwork today and, if all goes well, we hope to be signing papers and picking up the X3 on Monday.

I worked until almost nine then joined Dominica and Liesl watching The Gilmore Girls.  Oreo snuggled up with me on the recliner all evening.

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