April 19, 2009: Watching The Gilmore Girls

The weather turned much colder today.  We had the windows open all night and woke up to it being rather chilly compared to what we have gotten used to in the last four months since Liesl was born.  It made Oreo very snugly.

I got up at eight thirty this morning.  Way earlier than I wanted to be up but I am working today so it had to happen.  I don’t expect today to be an exceptionally busy day or anything.  I am just covering in case anything goes wrong because our recent patching processes have been introducing a lot of problems that show up on Sundays.

There was more work to do today than I had thought.  I wouldn’t call it a busy day but when you take into account how backed up I have been all week there was more than enough stuff to keep me busy all day.  I needed to get at least one new server built for a team this weekend so I did that today while I had some quiet time.

Dominica did another class in her Linux Administration course and then set about cleaning the living room as much as she could.  We have several bins in the living room of kitchen supplies that have recently come from dad’s house that need to be gone through, sorted and organized.

In the process of unbinning the stuff from dad’s we discovered just how many wine glasses and hor d’oeuvre plates and coffee mugs (beakers) that we own.  A lot.  Some is going to have to go into the attic for storage.  We just can’t use this many.  We are going to buy a wine glass holder rack thing to go over the buffet that we have not purchased yet so that there is a place for them.

At five thirty I finally got a chance to get away from work and to go out for a walk with the family.  We took a really long walk today.  We walked more than two and a half miles – possibly even three miles.  We are hoping to work up, soon, to walking downtown or to the Beach Shopping Center.  Meaningful trips that replace driving that we already do.

After the walk I worked a little more but not too much.  Then I came up to the living room and spent the evening hanging out with the family.  We watched a ton of the Gilmore Girls and Dominica and I ended up staying up until two in the morning watching it.  I had some work that I needed to do so I was working from my laptop in the living room part of the time.

Tomorrow we have to arrange getting the new car from the dealing and saying goodbye to our current car.  The BMW 330 was the first car that Dominica and I really bought together.  The two PR5s were purchased when we were first dating.  The Mazda 6 was my car just a little before we were married.  The RX7 I already owned when I took Dominica in it for our first date.  So the BMW 330 was the first time that we went and bought a car together.

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