April 2, 2009: I Can’t Believe That It Is Thursday

I ended up staying up last night after I said that I was heading off to bed.  Dominica was not ready to go to bed yet so we stayed up for another hour watching As Time Goes By before finally going to bed at midnight.  I did get a much better night’s sleep tonight than I did last night.  I feel a bit better this morning but still very tired.

My mornings seem to be the exceptionally busy time for me.  This morning was no exception (no exception to being exceptionally busy.)  I suppose having a situation in which you would need an exception not to be exceptional is oxymoronic.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today.  The sun was out and it was in the mid-sixties here.  We had all of the windows open all day.  I even took the time to put the screen door in to the basement doorway so that there would be fresh air in the basement.  That was a great change.  So much less like a dungeon.  I felt almost a part of the outdoors.

Instead of taking time for lunch I watched Liesl and Oreo while Dominica went out to get her hair done down at the Beach Shopping Center.  That took about an hour and a half.  While she was out she stopped by the wine store there and grabbed a couple bottles of Australian wine and a bottle of sherry.  I have never really had sherry before and have been wanting to try it.  So she decided to pick some up and give it a go.

Dominica wasn’t feeling all that great today so she was not able to go out for our regular afternoon walk.  So Oreo and I went for it on our own.  Since she was not up to cooking we ordered in Italian for dinner.  It is a special treat.  Very much off of our diets.

While I was ordering the food tonight Dominica made some off the cuff remark about Liesl’s doctor’s appointment on Monday.  I said, “Wait, what day is her doctor’s appointment?”

Dominica’s face went blank and then, “Oh, crap.”  So much for our weekend plans.  Now, instead of driving out to dad’s house on Sunday afternoon to go get the cars we are going to drive back to Peekskill.  We are trying to figure out when we will be going to dad’s house.  Most likely something like Thursday night next week so that we can be there on Friday to deal with the cars.  We will try to get that all figured out over the weekend.

Wednesday I am hoping to be in Warren, New Jersey for an Oracle / BEA Weblogic presentation.  I don’t know yet that I can make it out there, but I should be able to.

This evening we watched As Time Goes By and I got a bit of time to play with Liesl.  She was awake longer and I had more free time than usual.  We have so much fun just hanging out together.  She gets so excited when I come up from the basement in the evening.

Dominica went to bed around eleven and I stayed up for just a little while longer setting up some work to run overnight down in the basement.  Gotta keep those processors hopping!

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