April 27, 2009: A Tropical Heat Wave

Actions speak louder than words and budgets speak louder than actions.

Another warm day today.  That is three really, really hot ones in a row.

Liesl got Dominica up at five thirty this morning and would not let her go back to sleep.  At seven thirty I got up and took care of Liesl for almost two hours so that Dominica could go back to sleep.  It was a busy morning but at least Liesl and I got some time to really hang out together.

Today is definitely not as hot has yesterday although it is pretty decently warm.  Surprisingly warm for April.

Dominica and Liesl hit the road to New Jersey at eleven this morning to go to their play date with Dunia and Landen.  Dominica was supposed to leave at ten thirty but didn’t look up how long that it would take for her to drive that far until a quarter till eleven and then Liesl wanted to eat and then spit up and needed to be changed.  Ah the life with a baby.

Oreo and I had the house to ourselves all day which equates to massive productivity.  My first task was plant maintenance.  I decided that some of the plants needed to move out to the deck as the weather is so nice now.  They don’t get nearly the light that they should inside the house and our living room has absolutely zero spare space so having the plants in there is a giant pain even after the palm trees died on us.

I got tons of work done today while I had the house to myself.  Oreo was very sad all day and spent a very large portion of the day just laying on the runner in the front hallway watching out the door waiting for Dominica to return.  It was very sad.

I worked all afternoon and around six started to worry about where Dominica was.  She had had me make her an appointment at the BMW dealer for mid-afternoon so I was assuming that she was eating lunch in New Jersey and leaving between one and two to drive up to Harriman to take the car in and that she would be home probably before four and if it was any later than she would have called.

I tried calling her and didn’t get any answer.  I knew that the person that she was meeting at the dealer normally only works until five so at six thirty I decided to call the car dealer to find out what time she had left there and found out that no one there knew anything about her having come in and that they were pretty sure that she had not.  So at this point I started to panic a bit.

Not having made it to the car dealer for a 3:00pm appointment implied that she could only have been last seen around 2:00pm in New Jersey and for all I knew she might have left long before that and been missing for as much as five hours or so.  She and Liesl both caught somewhere with a new car that we have not driven very much in 90 degree plus heat was the best case scenario that I could imagine.

I finally got her to pick up her cell and learned that she had just assumed that she could leave New Jersey sometime between seven and eight (she left at seven because I called but might have been much later otherwise) and that she could take the care in to the dealer between eight and nine at night for her “mid-afternoon” appointment even though the dealership isn’t even open then.  Basically she completely lost track of time and completely forgot that I was at home waiting for her as was the dealership.  Dominica likes to say that it is me who is unable to leave when we are hanging out with people but I think that the proof is in the pudding on this one.  Hopefully sending me into a panic today will make her think about not answering her phone or emails when she is away and checking in periodically rather than just assuming that if I haven’t managed to reach her somehow that I must not be trying.

So it was quite late by the time that she and Liesl got home (poor Oreo thought that he was abandoned) so we just ordered in dinner for Forno’s.  We love the food from there.  Especially an order of the fried calamari and an eggplant parm wedge edge. Yum!

We watched some Murder She Wrote this evening which we had stopped working because the episodes were having problem playing previously.  Now they are working quite well so we made it through at least two episodes tonight.  That was a nice change.

Dominica went to bed around midnight.  I went down to the basement and did some final emails and finished the installation of the second desktop that I am preparing for dad’s house.  It is amazing how long it takes to build a Windows desktop.  It is a full day project.  And I have it down to a science with a really well laid out script, good knowledge of the hardware, install CDs layed out and ready to go, all of those “tricky” drivers all together on a USB stick and even my common programs ready on the same stick.  The whole process is incredibly simple and straightforward and yet it still takes all day long.

Tomorrow morning Dominica is getting up first thing and going straight over to Orange County BMW to drop off the title to the 330 and to pick up our car manual (which we really need as this car is very confusing) as well as our spare key.  Liesl will go for the ride with Dominica and Oreo will stay home with me.

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