May 10, 2009: Dominica’s First Mother’s Day

Like most Sundays I am scheduled to work today.  I was really exhausted this morning because I really did not manage to get any sleep last night.  Dominica’s father was paged out during the night because the extreme winds caused a security alarm to go off at the center so he had to go there for an hour to deal with the alarms.  Oreo was interested in what was going on so he was awake for a while and I had to stay awake to watch him.  Now that he cannot see very well, or at all at night, I stay awake watching him to make sure that he does not hurt himself.  He will easily fall off of the bed and if he makes it out the bedroom door he can fall down the stairs.  So I was awake for much of the night.

For breakfast the family went out to Denny’s in Herkimer.  Dominica has been telling everyone about pancake puppies so we got everyone to go out to try them.

Today is Mother’s Day.  It is Dominica’s first Mother’s Day as a mother herself.  Liesl and I got her a card but, as always seems to happen, Dominica managed to see it yesterday because I didn’t have a good place to hide it and then today, because she had already seen it, I forgot to give it to her.

For mother’s day all of the kids went together with Dominica’s dad and got her mom a Kindle 2 from Amazon.  She was very excited and said that it was the best mother’s day present ever.

What is funny is that Liesl and I had decided that we were going to get Dominica a Kindle 2 for Mother’s Day as well.  We were not able to get it for her already because we are out of town and that would have most likely ended up in it being lost because we would have shipped it to the wrong place or something.  So it just has to wait until we are back in Peekskill and know that we will be around to receive it when it shows up.

I worked for the day as I am now on the Sunday shift.  It was a slow day at work.  Dominica and Liesl had a chance to hang out a really visit with everyone while I worked.

We had originally thought that we might try to make it to the Drive In in Perry tonight but had not really calculated just how late it would be when we got out to dad’s house.  There was no way for me to work a full day in Frankfort, drive to dad’s house and then go to the Silver Lake Drive In.  Not going to happen.

It was around six or six thirty when I wrapped up with work and we got on the road to drive out to dad’s place.  I can talked to Andy earlier in the day and he was spending the day visiting his family in Avon so he was going to come down to dad’s at nine or so because he had not had a chance to meet Liesl yet!

The drive out went well and we got to dad’s around twenty after nine in the evening.  Andy was already there and we all visited for several hours.  It was after midnight when Andy headed out to go home.  He and Liesl had a really good time hanging out together.  Andy held Liesl for an hour or two!  She is a very social little girl.

Andy also brought out an HP dx5150 desktop (Athlon64 3200+, 1GB, etc.) that dad is going to use as his new desktop replacing his old, Pentium 4 based HP d330 minitower that he has been using for years.  Maybe even for seven years.  It still works perfectly fine but just is not fast at all and only has 768MB of memory which is pretty crazy for a machine these days.  I find it rough trying to work with only 1GB when I get stuck with a machine with so little.  I am used to having 3GB on my desktop and I really would love to have more.  I plan to switch to 8GB when I get a 64bit Windows 7 system in a year.

So this desktop I will be rebuilding and getting ready for dad to use while I am in Peoria for the next few days.  Andy did the base Windows XP install so that we didn’t have to worry about that piece.  The dx5150 is going to go on dad’s desk and his old d330 is going to be moved to the basement to be his dedicated entertainment machine used for watching Amazon Unboxed and similar content on the basement television.

This week is going to be really tough for Sheep Guarding Llama.  Our schedule is completely packed and writing anything is going to be nearly impossible.

I worked tonight until one or two in the morning.  I don’t really remember exactly how late I was up.  Far too late.  That much I know.  Before going to bed I saw via Twitter that the Ralstons had left Virginia and were driving up to New York tonight and were expecting to be in Mount Morris before five in the morning.

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