May 15, 2009: Dominica Gets Her Kindle 2

I was still pretty tired this morning when I got up at six thirty to cover the early shift at the office.  I am definitely glad to be sleeping in my own bed again but having a short night tonight is pretty rough.  I may have gotten five hours of sleep at best.  Liesl has been pretty restless the last several nights.  She is teething these days and she gets very upset if she loses her pacifier during the night so we have to work to keep that in.  So she manages to sleep through the night quite often even though we do not.

Work went okay today.  Busy but it is Friday so that is just how things are.  I was hoping that my new server, a Hewlett-Packard Proliant DL185 G5 would arrive today so that I could get started on testing it out and verifying that the hardware that I bought for it will really work.  Hopefully it will come on Monday.

The big exciting item of the day is Dominica’s new Amazon Kindle 2 electronic book reader which came late this afternoon.  Dominica has been looking forward to this for a long time and was really anxious for me to overnight it so that she would have it today.

As soon as the Kindle arrived Dominica had it unpacked and started downloading her novels.  She really likes reading books about the undead which I don’t understand at all but seems to be a general fad among younger readers of the last ten years.

Dominica ended up spending the entire evening reading her book.  She finished her first book around eleven in the evening and then bought another and stayed up until three in the morning reading it.  I went to bed at midnight but did not really fall asleep until Dominica came to bed at three. So much for going to bed early.  That was not as worthwhile as I would have expected.

The good news is that Dominica really, really loves her Kindle.  She is definitely going to get a lot of use out of it.

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