May 21, 2009: Returning the Server

I didn’t get a ton of sleep last night but it can’t be helped.  Today is a really warm day.  The sun is out in force and it is above eighty degrees today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be ninety but that, in theory, will only last for one day.  Looks like tomorrow we will finally have a chance to try out our air conditioning.  Fingers crossed.

Work was not too bad today.  Slowly getting caught up on everything.  This is the busiest period that I can remember.  Crazy busy, in general. 

Liesl has been teething but for the last few days it appears to have stopped.  She was getting Tylenol once or twice per day.  It has been days now since she has had any at all.  Very strange.  She has been much happier but is still very much teething on anything that she can get into her mouth.

I have been selected to be on an expert panel for backup solutions.  It will be a live webcast on May 29th in the morning.  Should be just under an hour.  I am excited.  This should be fun.  My first ever expert’s panel.  I will provide more information when I have it.  I guess that we will be taking backup horror stories and going around the panel discussing what we would do in that situation to get the company backing up in the best way to meet their needs.

Found out today that I most definitely need to box up the DL185 and ship it back to HP.  A huge pain in the butt, but I cannot complain.  Because of the mix up I am getting another $250 knocked off of the price.  So worth a bit of a pain, in my opinion.

The Ralstons are coming to Peekskill tomorrow.  Hard to believe that they are already down to their final weekend in North America!  They are expecting to arrive at our place around ten in the evening tomorrow.  They will be here until they fly out to Morocco on Monday afternoon.

My new desktop shipped from HP today.  Oh the excitement.  I have not had a new desktop in years.  So long, in fact, that I still work on a single-core machine, if you can believe that.  Madness, I know.

This evening Dominica and I both really felt like getting out of the house.  I worked until seven thirty or a little later and then we decided to run out for ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery in Yorktown Heights.  It was after eight when we finally got into the car so we were in a bit of a rush since everything in the lower Hudson closes super early around nine – even restaurants.  Very strange.

Ice cream at Cold Stone was awesome as always.  They have been having marshmallow ice cream there recently which is just awesome.  I got the peanut butter cup thing that they do but with marshmallow instead of chocolate ice cream and it was really amazing.  Dominica was very disappointed that they did not have any bananas for her usual banana split-like ice cream so she tried the cheesecake thing that they do.  It was good but not nearly as good as her usual.

After our decadent ice cream outing (yes, ice cream before dinner) we ran across the parking lot to Panera Bread (yes, “Bread Bread”) and got sandwiches.  We managed to just squeak in and were the last customers served for the evening.  Liesl was getting pretty sleepy at the restaurant.  We figured that we would come home and that she would be done for the night.

We came back to the house.  Liesl woke herself up and wanted to play for about an hour.  So she hung out with me on the recliner while I worked from my laptop.  We watched an episode and a half of The Gilmore Girls before deciding to turn in for the night.  Liesl kept herself up until eleven which is really late for her.  She tends to go to bed between eight thirty and nine thirty.  Dominica and I managed to go to bed at eleven thirty which is pretty good for us.  It is very warm tonight.  Going to be hard to get any good sleep.

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