May 24, 2009: The Ralston’s Last Real Day

Today is it.  The very last day that the Ralston family will be living in North America.  It is really hard to believe that tomorrow they will be “gone”.  It is not very common these days to ever really need to say goodbye to someone.  Our world is one of constant communications and, in all likelihood, their disconnection from the rest of the world will be a temporary one.  Proliferation of Internet access is happening globally at an astouding pace and it is unlikely that they will be completely isolated for more than a few years before some form of digital communications will reach them such as reliable cell phone service or some form of regular Internet access.

I had to get up and work today which was not fun but covering on a Sunday followed by a holiday is a pretty easy task.  There was hardly anything going on today.

Art and Danielle spent the bulk of the day moving luggage around, weighing luggage and trying to make sure that they had whatever they could get and were leaving behind anything that they could live without.  By the end they had fourteen 50+ pound luggage items in addition to their carryon items.  It is a lot of stuff.  Over 800 total pounds of luggage that they need to get from New York to Impfondo.

Overall today was pretty relaxing.  Dominica and I were pretty much just sitting around the living room all day while the Ralstons attempting to get everything ready.  Boy is there a lot to do.  It is probably a very good thing that they had a lot of work to do today or else they would be getting quite nervous just sitting around thinking about tomorrow.

We did get a lot of time to visit throughout the day.  Evening came very quickly, though.  Must faster than we would have anticipated.  I worked from my laptop in the living room as much as possible which turned out to be quite a bit of the day.

Before going to bed, Art, Danielle, Dominica and I sat down and played Munchkin Cthulhu for a few hours.  It was our one chance to really relax before tomorrow.  It wasn’t the best game for them as I got an early lead and was ahead for the entire game.  Art knocked me out of several levels a few times (the goal is to reach level ten first) so that I had to generate about four or five more levels than anyone else (which is a lot for a game that only goes to ten) but, in a rather amazing set of circumstances, for a final move Art tried to block me with a massive three level loss play at the last second but failed to actually stop me and caused me to win suddenly going from a level of seven to ten all in one round while amassing EIGHT treasures all in the same move.  It was crazy.  A rather decisive win if I have ever seen one.

It was around one in the morning when we all finally headed off to bed.  I don’t think that Art and Danielle are going to get very much sleep tonight.

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