May 8, 2009: Liesl’s First Thunderstorm

Is it telling that it is good when a doctor is accountable but bad when an accountant is doctoring?

The alarm went off super early this morning which did not make me happy.  I am on the early shift this morning after having worked until after one last night.  Hardly any sleep at all and today is a long day too.

I worked from six thirty until a little after nine.  Not too bad of a morning.  I love this shirt because it is slow and relaxing and that is exactly what I needed this morning.  It gave me a chance to catch up on a few things before we had to hit the road.  Like packing up all of the converted CDs and DVDs to take back to dad’s for storage so that we can take back another giant load with us.

We spent another hour, from nine till ten, packing the X3 as quickly as we could.  There was a lot to squeeze in there.  An HP DL380 G2 server, an HP dx5150 desktop, a bin of media, two suitcases, tons of baby and doggy supplies, a bit stroller and more.  We actually barely fit everything into the X3.  Good thing that we didn’t go for something smaller.  What would we do?

On the drive Dominica and I started listening to Garrison Keillor’s new book “Liberty” which is due out in paperback next month.

The weather was good for a long morning driving.  We were on the road around a quarter after ten or so.  We drove up to the traffic circle on the north side of Peekskill and swung into the Dunkin Donuts there to pick up coffee and breakfast and fuel up the SUV.  Then it was back onto the road.

Liesl was fussy so we stopped into a rest stop on I87 north on the south side of Albany.  I grabbed a small bite at the McDonald’s there.  Dominica was not hungry so she skipped eating to save room for dinner.  Liesl ate and was slightly happier when we left.  We lost forty minutes at the rest stop.

It was about a quarter after two when we rolled in to Frankfort.  I hopped right online and got back to work.  There is a ton to be done today and I am way behind from having been offline for so much of the day.  People were covering me but just catching up on email can be quite the challenge.

A big thunderstorm moved in this afternoon.  Liesl has never really been out in the rain so I took her out and held her standing on the porch so that she could watch the storm with me.  She seemed to enjoy it.  Every so often she would shake when some mist would blow in on her face.  She was not afraid of the thunder or lightning at all.

It was a very busy day for me.  I worked like crazy all afternoon and into the evening.  Because we are going to be gone tomorrow I have to do a lot of tomorrow’s work today which is tough.  So I worked until a quarter till ten this evening.  Then Dominica and I took a quick trip out to New Hartford to go to Barnes & Noble’s because I had forgotten to bring a book with me on the trip – along with other important things that I forgot.  So we picked up the “VMWare Certified Professional Exam Cram” and “History’s Worst Decisions – And the People Who Made Them”.  That way I will have something to read for the next several days while we are out of town.

Then we went to Walmart in the same parking lot to get baby formula and prune juice.  Nothing exciting.

We got back to the Dominica’s parents’ house and I got right back to work.  There was so much to do that I ended up working until around three in the morning.  How awful.  This is really exhausting.  At least I was able to get a lot of work accomplished today.  I will be mostly off tomorrow.  I still have to work all day on Sunday, however.  Then drive to dad’s house after work is done.

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