July 17, 2009: Dominica “Graduates” from UofI

It is Friday and a very busy work day for me.  I got up on the early side and was working almost an hour before normal and still there was much to be done.  Nothing in particular making this a really busy day just a lot of little things all coming together.

It has been really warm here the last few days with crazy humidity.  We’ve had short, surprise thunderstorms in the middle of the day without any warning.  One moment it is bright and sunny and very, very hot and the next it is pouring rain with thunder and lightning.  Then back to the sun and the heat again.  The air conditioning is having problems keeping up with how warm it is and with the humidity so high we are really feeling it in the middle of the day when it is at its warmest.  The living room especially gets warm as it has so much exposed glass and no window dressings yet.  One more thing with which we really need to deal.

Dominica spent the day checking in periodically with her online courses at the University of Illinois to see if her work had been graded yet or not.  It took all day before she finally got her answer around eight in the evening – all of her work was accepted and her program is now complete!  She is pretty excited but definitely not as excited as I am.  Dominica now has a certificate in Linux/UNIX Systems Administration from the University of Illinois’ O’Reilly School of Technology.

Dominica’s next challenge on deck is to get her CompTIA Security+ certificate for which she has just begun studying.  We are hoping that with the addition of the Security+ that has first degree from Empire State College will also be completed all in one fell swoop.  That will put her into a really good position to be prepared to job hunt as soon as we decide that it is time for her to be working again.

My new book Understanding Exposure came today from Amazon.  Who knows when I will have any time in which I can read.

I had to work quite late today.  It was after eight when I was finally able to come upstairs and hang out with Dominica and Liesl.  We watched Ride the Wild Surf with Fabian, Barbara Eden and Shelly Fabares.  It was really good for a 1960s surfing movie.  Much better than the Frankie and Annette movies.  This wasn’t completely silly but was actually a movie about surf culture at the time as opposed to a movie about beach bums.

I just wanted the evening to be easy so we ordered in dinner from Forno’s.  Penne a la Vodka and fried calamari for us.  Not exactly healthy but easy and delicious.

We started watching The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow but after going about halfway through one of the slowest films ever we both decided that it would be better to just get off to bed rather than to stay up just to finish watching that movie.

Tomorrow morning I have quite a lot of work to do with system upgrades and Linux patching.

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