July 21, 2009: Meeting in White Plains

I got some serious sleep last night and feel pretty good today.  I got up and got right to work.  Even though I did a lot of catchup yesterday things have been really busy for some reason and I am not exactly ahead – just not horribly behind like I would have been had I not worked so much yesterday.

Liesl is advancing quickly with her new found standing prowess.  Today she stood herself up when Dominica was not in the room and took the PS3 remote and turned on her DVD.  Dominica was in the kitchen and suddenly heard the DVD start playing and ran out to find Liesl guiltily standing at the couch with the remote.  She is definitely quite dangerous now.

Two new photography books arrived today.  My two book box set of “Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography” Volumes 1 and 2.  They are really good from what I have read so far and I have Volume 3 on my wish list and I plan to get it when it releases which, I think, will be pretty soon.

My day was crazy busy.  I had no idea that it was going to explode and that I was going to be just running from task to task as quickly as I could for most of the day.  It ended up being pretty exhausting just trying to keep up with everything.  It was all that I could do to get enough done so that I was able to run out the door at a quarter after six in the evening to get down to White Plains so that I could meet with someone from IBM.

This was my first trip ever to White Plains, New York.  It is a really well known small city and it is roughly the center, both physically and culturally, of Westchester.  It is a really cool place and I got to see the new Ritz-Carlton Towers in downtown that are only half filled right now.  Condos there are as much as eight million dollars in US funds!  Crazy.  They have amazing NYC views while being in small town Westchester.

My dinner with IBM went really well.  We had a great discussion and I think that we both came away with a lot of value.  Very much worth our time to get together.  We have some action items and I am looking forward to seeing where the relationship will go.

It was about ten thirty when I got back to Peekskill.  I was pretty tired since I had so little sleep yesterday so went to bed pretty much right away.  Probably before eleven thirty.

My new BlackBerry Tour arrived today… except that it arrived at dad’s house instead of mine.  Oops.  So dad is overnighting it to Peekskill so that I can have it to test out before the weekend as I desperately need it for my trip to Houston and I need time to make sure that it works and get all of the necessary accessories for it before leaving.

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