August 13, 2009: Campy Rock

Up early again today.  My work week has been really long.  I am looking forward to the weekend.  Not that that will give me much of a chance to catch up on any rest.  Tomorrow I am schedule to work until eight thirty or later already and on Saturday I am scheduled to begin at six in the morning – yes, six in the morning!  That is way too early for a weekend.  At least that means that I will be able to get a full load of work in before we have anything to do.  Dominica’s parents are coming down to visit on Saturday morning.

Today was overcast and cooler than it has been.  So, we managed to open the windows today to get some fresh air in the house since there are still some paint fumes lingering.  It was slightly warmer than we would have wanted it to be to have the windows open but with the screen on the front door and the fan blowing the hot air out of the top floor it wasn’t too bad.  It rained lightly for much of the day and that kept it from being too bad.  There was very little breeze, however, so we were not getting as much airflow as we would have liked.

Work was busy but not too bad.  I got a chance to do a bit of writing today which I have been desperately needing to be doing.   I am very far behind on that.

I also found out that on Wednesday, August 19th, we have the first meeting of SpiceCorps Philadelphia.  So I will be taking a trip down there in six days to get involved with that.  It turns out that Katie is able to make it as well which didn’t seem at all possible.  I am trying to convince Dominica to come along so that she can hang out with Jenn and Angelo while Katie and I are at the meeting but it will make for a really late night for Liesl so that probably can’t happen.

Dominica and Liesl went out to do some grocery shopping this afternoon.  I stayed home and worked and watched Oreo.  Liesl loves going to the grocery store.  It is her favourite.

After work was mostly over we had dinner and watched Camp Rock: Extended Rock Star Edition on BluRay which arrived today.  Demi Lovato is awesome and did a really good job but overall the movie was definitely weak.  Not bad but tons of it made no sense and was over the top silly.  It had some potentially but was, and you will excuse the pun, campy.  The worst part of the movie is that it is called Camp “Rock” but there is no rock to be found anywhere near this film.  Just tween pop and horrible, horrible, horrible “hip hop” dancing – some of the worst that I have ever seen.  They seem to have been very confused as to what this camp was supposed to be about.  Everyone talks about all of the music that they are being taught but their only “classes” are on how to dance really, really badly.

We watched a couple of episodes of The Wizards of Waverly Place and decided to call it a night at a quarter past eleven.  Tomorrow is going to be a painfully long day.  I am scheduled to work a minimum of fourteen hours if everything goes really well.

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