August 4, 2009: House Work

No rain again today.  That’s a big deal in Westchester this year as we have had rain almost every day.  I’ve never seen rain like this.

Work day with no surprises.  Our big project for the day was tracking down the contractor working on our house.  We haven’t gotten a schedule yet and we have to have work done on the house in the next ten days or else we get fined by the homeowner’s association.  So we are getting a little nervous about getting the crew out to work on the house.

When I called it turns out that they crew was coming out to our place to work this afternoon!  That was a bit of a surprise.  We had not set anything up.

Dominica and Liesl went out shopping again today doing some more returns and to get the curtains upon which we had decided.  They ended up getting curtains for all three rooms.  It was a fruitful trip.

The crew showed up at five and worked for a while.  They got a lot of work done today, as far as I can tell, and they plan to finish up tomorrow.  We are very happy that that is already significantly done.  Tomorrow the deck will be stained.

We had hung the curtain rod in the dining room last night so Dominica put up the new curtains and valance that she got today.  The kitchen looks a bit nicer now.  That is the first bit of colour that we have added to it since moving in.  It is one of the few rooms in the house where we have no intention of painting as the original colours are not so bad.

In the evening we put up the new curtains in our bedroom.  Dark chocolate thermal curtains.  We are hopeful that they will help to keep our room cool.  It is very warm up there almost all of the time.  We are concerned about warmth from the attic as well but we have not figured out a solution for that yet.

We are saving the curtains in the living room until after the new paint job is done which dad is hoping to help with this weekend.  It is going to be an entirely new house pretty much!  With half of the rooms in the house having new window treatments and the main room or the main floor being painted this place is going to feel brand new.  We are very excited.

We watched the “new” Around the World in 80 Days today.  We are rediscovering our movie collection now that we are beginning to have access to it again through our MediaTomb server.  It’s nice to see our films again.

We then watched A Summer Place with Sandra Dee and Richard Egan from 1959.  It is a classic film made famous by the theme music that went on to be one of the most recognized film themes ever.  The movie itself really was not very good.  The dialogue was really bad.  The characters were pretty unrealistic and the story did not flow very well and the ending just sort of dropped.  It is an important film from the era, though, tackling tough issues plaguing society at the time.

For some reason we were not tired after A Summer Place even though it was after midnight so we tested out NetFlix again and managed to get The Wizards of Waverly Place to play so we watched a few episodes of that before turning in for the night.

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