September 15, 2009: Getting Back to Normal Life

I got quite a bit of sleep last night.  I am definitely feeling a bit better today.  I have a lot of work to do at the office today to get caught back up.  I had about 6,500 emails in my inbox that I needed to clean through.  And that is just the emails that were not caught by my filters which get most of the mail and only the mail that arrived before my “inbox full” message came and no more mails were delivered.

Actually being out for a week is kind of handy as pretty much anything in your inbox from before that time can pretty safely just be ignored.  People will send you reminders if things still demand your attention.

Today was a very busy work day.  I tried as hard as I could to spend as much time with Liesl as well as we have really missed each other.  She was very upset every time that I was away from her at all all day long.

Short update today.  No time to be writing updates.  Work and family time.  Keep a watch for more Germany pictures to upload.  I have almost finished with the old town pics and have to get the botanical gardens uploaded yet.

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