September 18, 2009: Catching Up

Oreo is looking a bit better today.  His face is still swollen on the left side but not nearly as much as it was yesterday.  He is probably halfway back down towards normal.  He seems to be happy.  We can’t tell that he is in any pain although he almost never tells us if he is in pain so that is a very subjective determination.

Ever since returning from Europe I have been awake quite early in the morning which has been good for my productivity.  I have been up at seven in the morning almost every day this week and today is no exception even though I normally sleep in on Fridays because we work so late.  I’ve been waking up on my own as early as a quarter until seven.  This is good as it almost exactly aligns with Liesl’s internal clock.

Today was a very busy work day. Lots to be done.  My goal was to do as much of tomorrow’s work today, though, and get some actual family time tomorrow since today is a loss anyway.

I got very little time to spend with the family today.  I worked all through the evening and only took a little while out from work to eat dinner and hang out with Liesl until she went off to bed.  Then it was back to the office and working until well after midnight.  But my plan is to have plenty of family time tomorrow so I am getting everything done tonight so that I can do that.

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