September 3, 2009: Katie Comes for Indian Food

This whole week is pretty much just going to be some super short and sweet updates.  I have been way too busy to have anything interesting happen.  I’ve been working quite a bit and when not working trying to spend every spare moment with Liesl.  I am going to be missing time with her for an entire week coming up so I am trying to get as much time with her as possible.

I worked quite steadily all day.  Dominica did some cleaning when she had some spare time.  We have dinner plans with Katie tonight.  We have been trying to get together for an Indian dinner for a week or so and are finally managing to get together tonight.

Katie caught the six fifteen train out of Grand Central.  That put her in Peekskill about ten after seven.  Having her come straight up to Peekskill after work works out really well timing wise for all of us.  I picked her up at the station then swung back through to grab Dominica and Liesl before going down to the Beach Shopping Center to go to Ruchi’s.

Dinner at Ruchi’s was good as always.  We got the appetizer sampler and a dosa to split.  Then we all got curry for dinner.

After dinner we were all very much in the mood for ice cream so we went to Cold Stone in Yorktown Heights.  Yummy.  I’m loving their banana pudding special flavour for the peanut butter cup thing that they do.  Katie got one of their ice cream cupcakes as she is a cupcake fanatic and was interested in trying these out.

We hung out at the house for maybe forty-five minutes after dessert before Katie and I left to drive her back home down to Nyack.  It’s not a bad drive at night and I have never seen her apartment before so I got a quick tour and got to see Dudley for a minute.

It was bedtime by the time that I got back home to Peekskill.  Dominica had already gone to bed by the time that I got back.

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