November 15, 2009: Relaxing Sunday

We know that this coming week begins a marathon of activity so we are trying our best to get in some time just relaxing at home before we have to hit the road for more than two weeks away!  Ugh.  It is stressful just thinking about it.

I had to work today but work was not too bad.  I was able to get chances throughout the day to sneak away and spend tie with the family.  Dominica and I are still addicted to Oblivion so we have been playing that still.  Pretty soon we are going to have to go for two weeks without it so we are getting our time in now.

Sorry for the short updates, my schedule has just been crazy and we are trying to use what little free time that we have to just hang out as a family.  Haven’t had the time necessary to get SGL updated.  Not too much to report, though.  Mostly we are just relaxing a little in our home stretch before the travel, packing and moving kicks in which will leave us no time to relax whatsoever.

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