November 3, 2009: Liesl Begins to Recover

I woke up to the phone ringing.  I was really exhausted.  I answered to phone to discover that it was PayPal.  It was PayPal calling to tell me that $1,000 had been stolen from my PayPal account which ties directly to my bank account!  Argh.  Not a nice way to start the day.  We’ve had enough financial difficulties this month as it is between surprise expenses (a large, week long trip to Texas perhaps) and having one week of my pay never come through that having an extra grand missing is not going to be pleasant.  Fortunately PayPal, being the awesome people that they are, caught the transaction and got a hold of me before it had actually gone completely through.  This gave them an opportunity to reverse the transaction before the money was permanently gone.  Pheww.  Thank you PayPal!  So the money is missing from my account but will return in a few days.  It really kicked my day into gear, though, let me tell you.

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