November 5, 2009: Liesl Is Feeling Better

I was seriously exhausted this morning after working until four in the morning yesterday!  There is just so much work to be done that there isn’t enough time in the day.  Only at night when there are no requests coming in or anything is there any chance for me to even begin to get caught up with things.  I worked really hard last night and got my office email down to just seven items left in it.  Now that was an accomplishment!

To add to my exhaustion, Oreo had gone to bed with Dominica without going outside first.  So when he woke up at a quarter after five this morning it was rather an emergency to get him outside so that he could pee.  So then I was rather awake.  Of course the noise of taking him out woke up Liesl.  So she got up around a quarter till six.  So I had almost an entire hour in which I did not get any sleep.

I then fell back asleep at six and was at my desk working by eight.  So roughly four hours of sleep broken up into two two hour sessions.  Ugh.  This is going to be a long day indeed.

Liesl is very visibly feeling quite a lot better today.  She is still not completely better and there is still quite a bit of risk of her relapsing yet again but we are most definitely seeing progress and are worrying a whole lot less.

Work was slow today which was really important.  We got to spend some time with Liesl now that she is feeling a little bit better and Dominica was able to spend some time studying Linux administration so that she will be prepared for her interview tomorrow.

This afternoon Liesl came down to the office and hung out with me for a few hours so that Dominica could sit at her desk and actually work at her workstation rather than trying to do things in the living room while watching Liesl at the same time.  Impossible to get any real work done that way.

Overall it was a pretty productive day.  I was exhausted early and tried to get to bed around ten.  Dominica took Liesl upstairs and rocked her to sleep and then we both managed to get to bed around ten thirty.  But just before I actually climbed into bed, Liesl was awake again.  Dominica really needs her sleep for tomorrow as she has to be on the road around eight in the morning to get out to Warren, New Jersey for her interview.  So I got up with Liesl and we went down to the living room and hung out for a while.  Until maybe half past midnight.

Liesl and I listened to music for a while and then, when it was clear that she needed a bit more time to wind down, we watched the first episode of Rhoda which, is not a bad show, but definitely has the worst television show introduction sequence that I have ever seen.  I mean really, this is the worst one minute ever edited together for public viewing.

Watching the first episode of Rhoda I was amazed to discover that the doorman of the apartment building is the voice of Tummy Gummie and Rhoda’s little sister is none other than Marge Simpson!

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