November 7, 2009: Operation Petticoat

I woke up at about three thirty this morning!  Three thirty, can you believe that?  I tried going back to sleep for a little while but gave up and went down to the office so that at least I could spend my morning being productive rather than just laying in bed wishing that I could call back asleep.  This is the price that you pay for going to bed too early, I guess.

The Hudson Valley is covered in a thick frost this morning.  The cold weather is officially here.  I like the look of the world as we approach winter but once the snow starts to fly I’m going to be really, really anxious to get to Texas.

I had a lot of time to get stuff done this morning.  I got caught up on the last two days of SGL.  Definitely do not want to be falling behind here again.  It is so hard to catch up once we start down that path.  And I did some serious cleaning in the kitchen.  What a disaster the kitchen has become.  We have cardboard boxes stacked almost to the ceiling because they did not do cardboard pickup this month.  Ugh.  Not the month for that to have happened.  Stuff keeps getting shipped to the house and there is nowhere to put all of the boxes.  We literally can’t get to anything in the kitchen because of all of them.

We have our next “installment” of Torchwood Season One here on BluRay from Netflix today.  So we took the ninety minutes that it takes to make it through that entire disc.  Given BD technology it is unbelievable that they are only putting ninety minutes on a single disc.  What a waste of plastic and manufacturing resources.  Talk about living in a waste economy.

The show itself was really good, as always, although the episodes on this disc were very dark and much less happy than I like my television to be.  Hopefully this isn’t a trend.

This evening, while testing out video transfers to the house media server, I found out that Dominica has never seen Operation Petticoat which I could not believe.  So we watched that.  Definitely one of the all time cinema classics.  Such a great movie.  I don’t know how she has never seen that.  I could have sworn that we watched it together at some point.  I try to watch it every so often.  I can still remember watching it as a small child with my parents.

Very likely, when I first watched Operation Petticoat it was very likely around 1985.  Just as a big, round number as I don’t really have any clear recollection as to when I first watched it.  I could have been a bit younger but find it unlikely that I would have been much older.  At the time the movie felt quite old – something from another era.  But, in reality, it was only as much time from the time that that movie was made until the first time that I watched it as it has been time from then until now!  So the movie has doubled in age since I started watching it.  Weird.

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