October 19, 2009: Heading to Albany

Very busy day today.  I got up and worked all day getting everything done for the office that I possibly could during the day.  Dominica spent the day doing last minute packing and getting us ready to be away from the house for an entire week.  It is not very often that we leave for so long.  It takes a lot of work to be able to go anywhere, especially with a baby, for so long.

Spoke to our real estate agent today.  She says that we are pretty much screwed on selling the house.  It is going to be really, really tough to get it sold without taking a massive loss simply because there are literally no comps on the market.  Our closest comp is us buying our own house one year ago!  How awful is that?  Nothing has really moved in this market at all.  And our complex is at the top of the townhouse market in the area so other complexes used as comps makes us look less expensive than we really are.  We bought our house from people selling in a panic as well so they took a big loss on the house too making it look even cheaper!  So we are in rough shape.  The house should be worth well more than we paid for it, especially as we have done a bit of work to it to make it much nicer than when we bought it.  We will see.  We are setting up a time for our agent to come and work out a plan with us once we get back from Texas.

I wrapped up work as early as I could getting done around five thirty.  Things really slowed down at the end of the day which was great as we really needed to be on the road as quickly as possible.

The drive up to Albany went smoothly.  We skipped eating dinner on the road as there just was not any spare time.  So we got to the Comfort Inn by the Albany Airport and the Toccos pulled in just minutes after we had arrived ourselves.  Perfect timing.  We made the switch giving up our little Boston Terrier for the week.  It is very sad leaving our doggy again.  We miss him horribly when we are away from him.

The Toccos only stayed for a few minutes.  They have to work tomorrow so they drove back to Frankfort right away.  We got checked in to the hotel and ordered in some local pizza as we were starving.

My office was very slow this evening which was perfect.  I did not even have to log in from the hotel and work.  Awesome.  We ate dinner and got off to bed early as we have to be up very, very earily tomorrow in order to get to the airport and catch our flight.

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