October 23, 2009: Last Day of SpiceWorld Austin

Boy was I dragging when I woke up to the alarm this morning.  Another night with just three hours of sleep.  Ouch.  I am getting run down very quickly.  I am rather thankful that there is nothing planned for tomorrow.

I got to SpiceWorld just after eight.  This morning’s breakfast was pastries and very yummy.  I ate outside with some friends.  Then it was time to head into the theater where I was going to be presenting my breakout session.  It was nine in the morning and my presentation started at ten.  I had not even started my slidedeck for my presentation!  Nothing like leaving everything for the last minute.

I worked from the front of the theater while they were setting up my laptop to the projector putting my slides together.  I actually find that doing my slides at the very last minute works really well because it allows me to get into the groove and be all prepared for the talk in a way that just reviewing does not do at all.

The presentation went really well, I think.  It is really impossible as the presenter to really know how it goes. Even when you get formal feedback you really do not have a very good idea of what people really thought.

This is a stub… more to come eventually…

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