January 3, 2010: Last Day in Houston

Today is it, the last day of us being in the Houston / Galveston area before we head up to Dallas.  There is a lot of packing to be done today.  Not something that we are looking forward to at all.  It has gotten a lot colder here today and it is not fun being outside.

The really big job of the day was mounting the Thule car top carrier on to the X3 and then packing it full of as much as we can get up there to haul up to Irving.  We know that now everything is going to fit in this load so we have to be selective about what we are going to need in the next two weeks versus the months to come.  We will be back down in League City in two weeks so we can get another load of stuff at that time.  We were completely full on the drive down to here from New York and there have been a lot of additional Christmas items added that don’t fit.  So we have to pick and choose what we take.

Dominica got the car top carrier mounted to the car pretty quickly but then came the long job of attempting to pack it.  That is not fun at all.  It is bad enough when the weather is good but when it is cold and windy it is really unpleasant.  It took a while to get everything jammed into the car top.  What a pain that is.  I hope that we do not have to use it very often.

Packing the trunk of the BMW took no time at all.  We have several large items that fill that right up without any problem.

We went over to the Grices’ this evening to hang out for a little while.  We did not stay for long as everyone there has school and work tomorrow and we have to make an early start.  Our plan is to be up around four thirty and on the road as quickly as we can.  A lot of driving and other things to do tomorrow!

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