February 22, 2010: New Suits

Tomorrow I will be speaking on a virtualization webinar being presented by SpiceWorks and CDW.

Oreo had a really restless night – he is having a really bad reaction to his grass allergy and he was up much of the night itching.  That, of course, made me have a restless night as well.  So around seven I decided to just get up even though I had not had enough sleep yet.  I gave Oreo a bath in the hopes that the soap and water would help to wash away the grass oils and make him less itchy.  He has been needing a bath anyway so it was good that I got it done.

I found out this morning that Final Fantasy XIII is due to release in North American on March 9th, just around the corner and just in time for me to put in as my birthday wish!  It will be a few weeks later for my actual birthday but I don’t have any spare time to play anything before March 9th anyway.  In fact, I don’t have a spare moment free until April!

I got ready and made it off to work before Dominica or Liesl got up this morning even though I was running fairly late.

Work isn’t so bad today.  Maybe it is just Monday.  It is colder today, though.  Yesterday it was seventy two degrees in Houston and rainy.  That is some nice weather.  When I walked out the door and got hit by “summer” air I was shocked.  Today, in Irving, it is barely hovering above freezing and tonight we are expected to have a little snow again.  So much for warm Texas weather.

We did get called from our real estate agent that someone is scheduled to look at our house in New York tomorrow.  We don’t expect anything since no one who has looked at it thus far has shown the slightest interest.  But at least someone is going through the house.  You have to have foot traffic if you are going to get a nibble.

Today Dominica assembled our new television stand for the living room.  The television has been on the coffee table since we got it and that is not the best use of our space or furniture.  So now we will have a real coffee table and will have a stand on which to put the television and inside of which we can hide the PlatStation 3.

Our project this evening is to go suit shopping for me.  I need a suit for Andy and Miranda’s wedding which is less than two weeks away in Las Vegas!  We went to Men’s Warehouse and ended up spending the entire evening there.  It was two hours or more of suit shopping.

In the end we ended up buying three new suits plus shoes, shirts, ties, etc.  It was a rather expensive evening.  But I really do need some suits so this is good.  Not a great time to be spending the money but with Andy’s wedding in less than two weeks and several meetings coming up in Philadelphia in the very near future it just needed to be done.

After our shopping was done we went to Boston’s for pizza and their “cactus cuts” which are chipotle spiced fresh potato chips – they are amazing.  I can’t believe that “chipotle” was not in Chrome’s dictionary.

After dinner we just went back to the apartment and watched a little bit of Primevil which in its third season continues to get weaker and weaker.  It is no wonder that the show was cancelled.  It is too bad as the idea in the first season was so good.  But throughout the third season they keep losing the main characters and the show becomes a completely different one and all of the characters become flat and boring and all of the meaningful character interaction and relationships come to an end and the show becomes a meaningless action show that doesn’t go anywhere at all.  Oh well.  The writing was never that good so the loss is only so great I guess.

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