March 10, 2010: Day Two of FFXIII

I was tempted to just call in to work today but decided that I really did need to work and that Final Fantasy XIII would have to wait until I got home this evening.  I know a lot of guys at work who took a day or two off when Grand Theft Auto IV released.  Surely FFXIII warrants a day at home with Mt. Dew and chips!

The weather is great again today.  It has been great all week.  Every since we returned from Las Vegas.  We are loving it.  We’ve actually had to have the air conditioning on for the past few days which is crazy in mid-March!

I walked home again today for lunch.  Definitely getting my exercise this week.  No time to play my game at lunch though.  Actually I took a short lunch and headed back to the office.

After work I walked home and got about three hours to play Final Fantasy XIII this evening.  This is the most that I have gotten to play a video game in a very long time.  I talked to Jen and she is many hours ahead of me at this point, though.

Liesl is making some massive strides in her development this week.  She has learned several new words like apple, ball and keys.  She is able to say all of them so that we understand her and her general communication skills are really improving.  She really knows what we are saying most of the time.

Liesl really seems much older this week.  On Sunday night, I think it was, we sat around watching some videos that my parents took of me around Liesl’s age and it is amazing how much more advanced she is than I was.  At her age I really seemed like a baby but she really does not.  She seems like a small child.  She is so active and engaged and self entertaining.

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