March 8, 2010: Back to Work

Very little to report on today.  We are back in Irving as of last night and today is Monday so I am back to the office today.

Today the weather was nice and without any warning we went from bright sun to torrential rain and pretty serious hail.  I was at my desk and didn’t notice a thing as I do not have a window looking outside unless I stand up.  Dominica called me to ask if I had seen the weather.  It had caught her by surprise.  This is her first time seeing a midwest thunderstorm sneak up on her.

I had noticed the storm coming from the southwest when I walked to work this morning so I was too surprised although the ferocity of the storm was more than I would have guessed.  I normally walk over to the office and spend a few minutes just standing out front cooling down as it is a vigorous uphill walk the last half of the distance and I tend to get pretty warm.  So I just stand in the breeze cooling off and sipping my coffee which gives me a chance to get a feel for the weather of the day.

I walked home for lunch today.  The storm had passed and it was bright and sunny again although I had to take the extra long way around the driveway rather than through the lawn since it was completely underwater.

After work I just came home and we just relaxed.  Dominica cooked dinner and we watched Torchwood: Children of Earth the miniseries that had arrived on BluRay from Netflix.  We’ve been looking forward to this for a while.  We had four episodes to watch (out of five, we had seen episode one previously) so that ate up the entire evening.  We are now completely caught up with Torchwood with the Brits.  We are all awaiting a new season now.

Tomorrow is the big day… release day for Final Fantasy XIII.  It has been a long time since I got a video game on release day.  Dominica bought me FFXIII for my birthday and Amazon is set to have it delivered tomorrow afternoon.  So I get to start playing on release day.  I am pretty excited.  This is the biggest PS3 release yet and we are years into the platform.

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