April 12, 2010: In San Antonio Touring “The Castle”

Had to get up nice and early this morning so that we could get right on the road down to San Antonio.  Jen stayed with us in Round Rock last night to make things easier for this morning.  We had originally all planned to meet up at Round Rock Donuts this morning but then we decided that we all wanted the additional sleep and decided to skip that.

We were doing pretty well on time this morning, which is not normal for us at all, and Brian, Jen and I were able to leave Round Rock fifteen minutes ahead of schedule!  That is, more or less, a miracle.  We took Jen’s Mazda PR5 (Dominica’s car) and left Tara with the Trailblazer and Dominica with the X3 so they were happy being left behind as they remained mobile.

The drive from Round Rock to San Antonio went much faster than I had anticipated.  I cannot believe how easy it is to get from Austin to San Antonio.  I am so used to the massive distances between things in Texas that the very quick trip between these two cities seemed impossibly short.

We spent several hours at Rackspace getting our tour.  We had several meetings throughout the day and got to see a lot of the facility there.  It was very cool.  The facility that they have there is one million square feet and is a world renowned office facility that was quite interesting to experience first hand.  It is unbelievable how big they are now.

We wrapped up at Rackspace around two in the afternoon.  We drive straight up to Austin and dropped in on SpiceWorks.  We got there around three thirty and stayed till six thirty.  Jen and I have been there previously but this was Brian’s first time meeting all kinds of people.  We had not meant to stay there that late but a lot of people that we wanted to talk to got caught in a meeting that was supposed to till five but went till almost six.  So our plans got messed up a bit.

From there it was up to Round Rock to meet Dominica.  From there Jen drove back to Houston and we drove Brian up to Temple to drop him at his hotel there.  From there Dominica and I drove up to Fort Worth to pick up Oreo from Maggie.  It was almost ten thirty when we finally got up to Fort Worth.

Oreo had a great time this weekend.  He got tons of attention and had all kinds of fun playing with the other dogs and having a backyard in which to play.  He even slept in the bed with Maggie and her husband.  It’s like a vacation for Oreo.  He was very happy to see his parents though.

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