April 19, 2010: Announcing Clara!

My niece Clara Grice was born today down in Houston!  Daughter and mother are doing well.

Today is my last day to panic to get course work done before the mid-semester deadline.  At the end of the day I need to have had submitted forty papers!  What a massive project this has been.

I had to go to work today, of course, so getting my papers done was a major scramble.  I did not have until late tonight, like I would have hoped, because I had a major dinner event to attend at seven thirty.  Fortunately it was right around the corner from home and work so there was basically no travel time involved in the getting over there.

I was writing papers like crazy right up to the last second when Brian, Brian and Tara pulled up to the office to pick me up at a quarter after seven.  I submitted the final paper just in time to walk out the door and to get into the car.

The dinner meeting went well.  Met lots of people and had a good time.  After we were done eating at the BBQ place the four of us decided to get drinks at The Ranch which was just across the parking lot.

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