April 8, 2010: Evening Rackspace & Magento Event

Brian and Tara went ahead on down to Temple, Texas last night.  So today ended up being a normal work day for me.  I went into the office this morning and almost forgot that I had a Rackspace and Magento event in Dallas tonight.

I left work a little bit early and drove over to Dallas to make it for the ecommerce hosting event this evening.  Getting over to Dallas was easy but once I got there I was going crazy trying to find the event because, as it turned out, the address posted for the even had two numbers transposed which had be searching the wrong side of the road one block down from the actual address and only because I made a wrong term and went out way too far did I end up stumbling on the place by accident!

Luckily I wasn’t late, though, and ended up making it at a very good time.  They had free drinks and food at Sambuca and even valet parking.  A nice venue and they had a good turn out too.

The event went really well.  Brian, Maggie and PSX from SpiceWorks were there so we got to hang out.  A good showing from the SpiceCorps DFW crew.

After the event we got a chance to do some good networking and then Brian, PSX and I got a chance to go out to dinner with the Rackspace crew for sushi and drinks.

It ended up being quite a late night.  Almost midnight by the time that we were able to get back home.

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