June 12, 2010: Saturday at Home

I slept in very late this morning.  I really needed it.  I was completely exhausted.  I’ve been getting very little sleep the last several days and I needed some time to recover.

Since I was completely unable to work yesterday during the day – I did work early in the morning and late at night – I really needed to put in some hours today.  So I started working as soon as I got up and was logged in to the office for much of the day.

It was mostly a quiet, boring day for me involving never leaving the house in any way except to pop downstairs to pick up the mail.  My new book on IPv6 routing arrived today which is great because I am hoping to have time to read it at the club this week.

I worked until six thirty when Jeff and Sarah swung by the apartment to pick me up.  Our plan was to stop by La Cima for drinks and then hit up Benihana for sushi.  But the allure of La Cima was too strong and dinner ended up being there instead.

The main dinning room was filled this evening so we ate in the lounge.  Lakeside was open for dinner but we started out thinking that we were just having drinks so we just camped out in the lounge.  It is rather easy to hang out there because you get a feel for who is coming and going.  Being in Lakeside means that you are mostly locked away.

Dinner was awesome, as always.  Tonight I went for the seared salmon with beet jus from the Celebrations healthy menu.  I would never have thought of doing salmon in beet jus on my own but I love it.  Especially when you flake the salmon and let it really soak in the beets.  My mother would be so proud.  I never liked beets when I was young but I love them now.  Especially beets with endive and warm goat cheese fondue!

After dinner the Pierces dropped me back off at the lonely apartment and I stayed up late working on DokuWiki training materials.  I started watching a movie, 100 Girls, that I found on YouTube tonight.  I only made it about thirty minutes in before YouTube wouldn’t play any further but it looked good so maybe I will attempt it again some time.  Lionsgate publishes a number of their movies to YouTube which is pretty cool.  I had the feeling that this was a newish movie but it is, in fact, from 2000!  You know that you are getting old when ten year old movies feel like they must be new.

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