June 14, 2010: Walmart Shopping Trip

Why it is best to pretend that you don’t know anything about computers.

I woke up at eight, a bit later than I had intended.  So I was not in the office until around nine.  I prefer to be in much before that but it could not be helped.

Work was busy but not crazy. At lunch time no one was available so I went to La Cima on my own.  Since there are limited grocery choices at the house and I am quite tired of frozen pizza I am attempting to eat at La Cima for the “cheap” meals as much as possible this week.  It was a little lonely sitting at the bar all by myself but the food was good.

After work, Nicki and I ran to Walmart to do some shopping.  She needed groceries and I needed some writable CDs and DVDs.  I’ve been trying to get some work done at home and I have not been able to for lack of media.  While we were there we hit McDonald’s for a quick dinner.

So the trip to Walmart, even though we left a little early from the office, meant that I did not get home until around nine in the evening!  Not much time in which I can get things done.  I struggled to be productive but it was mostly an uphill struggle.

I had a flashback to living in Geneseo tonight.  Suddenly I remembered how Dominica was going to let me have a stand-up video game machine in the living room.  It kind of hit me all of a sudden and was quite vivid.  It brought some of the “feeling” of being in Geneseo that I have not felt in years.

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