June 16, 2010: Pasta Night

I slept in a bit too late this morning.  Being the only one home, though, I am able to get ready and out the door quite quickly so it is not a problem.  I’ve been driving to work all week.  I really shouldn’t do that but I can so I am.  Since I am so likely to have to drive somewhere either in the middle of the day or at the end it just seems to work out pretty well.

Work has been really busy this week.  It is a good time for Dominica, Liesl and Oreo to be away.

For lunch today I just ran home and spent an hour there by myself.  I made myself a PB&J and did a little work.  Then it was back to the office.  There really is not much point in my coming home when Dominica and Liesl are not here.  It is quite lonely.

My Blackberry that has not been working got fixed today.  Pheww.  That was going to be a major problem if I had to travel to New York and I did not have a Blackberry!

After work Nicki and I went to La Cima.  It is pasta night and I did not want to pass that up.  That would just be silly.  We made it in time for happy hour at six thirty.  It was actually extremely busy.  There was a big event going on in the main dining room so we just made seven thirty reservations and headed to the bar.

Dinner was excellent as always, and very cost effective.  Tonight was my first time actually having dinner in the Lakeside dining room.  Pasta night rules.

After dinner I got home but decided that it was late-ish and I was pretty tired so I just turned right in and went to bed.  Bed at ten at home alone.  That’s kind of sad.  But I need to get caught up on my sleep so that I am ready for this weekend.  It is going to be the deathmarch to get myself up to Maryland, then Virginia then New York!

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