June 4, 2010: Happy Birthday Dad

It was a very hot walk over to the office this morning.  Walking outside in the nineties isn’t too bad when you are dressed casually but when you are dressed for work, carrying hot coffee, have just been rushing around so that you would be ready to go to work and then trying hard not to get hot and sweaty you are pretty much destined to get hot and sweaty.

It was a very busy day today.  I came home for lunch and visited with Dominica for a little while.  It is quite unfortunate that Liesl has really taken up napping during the lunch hour – I am missing so much potential time to spend with her.  Instead of coming home and playing with her I come home and she is asleep in the bedroom so I just eat lunch and play video games in the living room so as not to wake her up.  Not a good use of my time at all.

Liesl continues to be completely addicted to peanut butter.  Today she found a jar of it and carried it into the living room to give to Dominica and demanded a half-cup of peanut butter be fed to her!  There is no denying whose daughter she is.  Her grandfather would be proud.

The evening was quite busy but I was able to get home at a semi-reasonable time and we hung out as a family.  After Liesl went to bed I continued on my quest to make it through Dragon Age: Origins.  I’m definitely getting pretty bored with this game.  I’m down to just needing to do a large number of side quests to wrap them up so that I can head off to the final battle and wrap up the game.  So this part of the game is rather laden with a lot of long distance traveling to get from point to point to do one tiny task and then traveling far back again to report in that I have done it.  I don’t want to skip the side quests, though, as they are an important part of the expansive game world and add a lot to the story and playability.

Not a late night for us.  I have to work tomorrow at seven and have a bit more work to do than usual so I need to get to bed tonight.  This is my “hanging with the family” weekend as they are leaving me to go to New York on Thursday morning.

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