July 12, 2010: Hanging Out in Maryland

Ship Found in World Trade Center Dig Site

Today Brian and I are hanging out in Arnold, Maryland with John until we head to Washington tomorrow morning where I will speak at the Microsoft convention.  Today is the one day of “downtime” this week – our one chance to catch up a little bit before the crazy driving starts.

Brian and John ran out this morning and picked up breakfast and coffee from the deli.  They make some awesome sandwiches down there.

It was a hot day today but not nearly as hot as it was a few weeks ago when I was down here.  Fortunately work was pretty slow today so I was able to visit with John and Michelle while still working all day.  I just set up at the desktop in the kitchen and worked from there.  Very convenient.

For lunch Brian, John and I drove over to Deep Creek.  The food there is just awesome.  I miss having them nearby.

I worked all afternoon and we pretty much just hung out at the house all day.  Nothing too much to report.  Just a day of relaxing before all of the craziness tomorrow.

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