July 5, 2010: Ithaca

It is great to be in Ithaca again.  It has been so long.  I can’t remember the last time that I woke up here.  Liesl has never been here at all.  I bet that Dominica has not been here for at least three years.

We slept in a little this morning as Dominica was not feeling well at all today.  She must have caught a stomach bug.  By “we” slept in, I mean that Dominica slept in.  Liesl got me up at seven in the morning.

The big event this morning was that Liesl, barely nineteen months old, spelled her name this morning without any prompting from us whatsoever!  She was sitting in bed playing with her Leapfrog toy Violet (a talking dog) which has her name programmed into it and when it went to say her name Liesl spelled L I E S L right along with it.  Dominica is like “oh my, she just spelled her name!”  I couldn’t believe it either.  She is growing up so fast.’

Liesl and I played for a while and then I found Nick Jr. and put on some kids shows for her.  The first show I did not know what it was but after that Dora the Explorer came on and so she watched that.  That is still her favourite show.  She has gone from The Wiggles, to Elmo in Grouchland to Dora the Explorer.  So each favourite show seems to last a few months.  I wonder what will be the next Liesl craze.

Dominica got up around nine thirty.  I had been speaking to Bob via email and txt this morning so we knew what was going on.  We got out at a quarter after ten and drove up to Ithaca College and out to Danby to find Bob and Lisa’s house to which we have never been before but I had a pretty good idea of where it was.

We had a really good time hanging out with Bob and Lisa and getting to meet Emily.  Originally we had to be out of town by one this afternoon but our plans for this evening changed so we were able to hang out until around four in the afternoon which worked out much better.

We drove up to Trumansburg after visiting because we needed to stop in at the Parkers’ to grab Liesl’s other water bottle that we had accidentally left at the Parkers’ lake house at the ring of fire on Silver Lake on the third.  We swung in there just for a minute and drove on to dad’s house.  Dominica just was not feeling well at all all day.

Tonight, when we went to go to bed in the basement, Liesl kept saying “outside, outside.”   She loved camping out in the tent and wanted us to take her out there again to sleep rather than sleeping in the basement.  It is too warm to sleep outside, though, and we brought in all of the sleeping accoutrements so it would be rather a pain to take them all out again and set up the tent.  Liesl was very sad when we told her that she could not sleep outside.  It is nice to see how much she loved the camping experience though.  Hopefully we can do this regularly at dad’s.

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