June 3, 2010: Silver Lake Ring of Fire

It was rather hot in the tent this morning when I woke up as the sun had come pouring in through the east facing screens.  I was completely in the sunlight and not at all a the same temperature that I had been all night long.  That woke me up pretty quickly as it did for Oreo.  So he and I got up and headed into the house long before Dominica or Liesl woke up.  That was perfect because I have to work this morning at eight anyway.

There was more work that there normally is for a Saturday today which is a bit annoying as it is a holiday weekend.  So I worked for several hours.  When I was able to get away for a while we drove over to Geneseo to get breakfast at Denny’s.  They had some new, special breakfast items that had looked really good and I wanted to try them out.  We had the same waitress from Thursday night and she recognized Liesl right away.  Liesl tends to make an impact wherever she goes.

After lunch we went to Walmart and, as soon as we arrived, realized that we did not have Liesl’s pacifier.  I knew that she had taken it into Denny’s with her so Dominica went in to Walmart and dad and I returned to Denny’s to see if they had found it.  It turns out that they had found it but had just thrown in away minutes before we made it back (it had only been a total of ten minutes at most since we left.)  The manager was nice enough to empty out the trash to get it for us and had the kitchen run it through the dish washer to sterilize it for us.  Liesl was going to be exceptionally unhappy if we had lost it.

We got to Walmart ourselves and were immediately confronted by two women working to get the top down on what we believe was a 1957 Corvette Stingray.  What a beautiful car.  As it was labeled a Stingray that might mean that it could not have been older than1963 but it did not look like that late of a model to me.  We ended up not being very helpful and they figured the top out on their own but did offer to let us drive the car for having taken the time to attempt to help them.  Neither dad nor I wanted the responsibility for driving that car though!

While at Walmart both Dominica and dad did some grocery shopping.  I picked up another 2TB external hard drive as we now have three laptops set up and the only thing holding me back from running all three all of the time is the lack of a place to store all of the archived movies.  So this should solve that problem and allow me to really speed up the process.

On the way back to dad’s we stopped at the Ralstons’ and I picked up the Mazda so that Dominica and I could use it later on for going down to Silver Lake for the festivities this evening.

Around five this evening Dominica, Liesl and I drove down to Perry to go to the Parkers’ lake house on Silver Lake.  We are going “for the fireworks” but are not actually staying for them as Liesl does not like them, at least she did not when we were in Walt Disney World, and neither of us care to see them at all.

We had a good time hanging out with the Parker clan.  We have not been down there for many years and so have been quite out of touch with the Perry crowd.  Liesl had a really good time.   There were lots of kids with whom she could play as well as an outdoor plastic house that she thought that playing inside was the coolest.  She just played and played – mostly by herself without any need for interaction from the other kids.  She was by far the youngest so none of the other kids were really all that appropriate play friends.  It is good that she does such a good job of entertaining herself.

We headed back home at nine thirty.  We did not stay up for very long after getting home.  We are sleeping out in the tent again tonight.  Dominica and Liesl pretty much went straight out to the tent as soon as we got home.  Liesl really liked sleeping in there last night and wanted to go back tonight.

Tomorrow morning we need to get up and hit the road right away in the morning to drive down to Waverly for the fourth of July party that is there every year.  We will be there all day and will then be heading up to Ithaca in the evening and will be staying at the Comfort Inn there (I just booked the room tonight before turning in for the night.)  We will be visiting with the Winans, Bob and Lisa and their daughter Emily who is just over one year old, on Monday before returning to dad’s house in the afternoon.

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