September 10, 2010: Looking at Neighbourhoods

Liesl got me up and moving early this morning.  She is my little alarm clock.  If we can get her to go to bed at a decent hour then she will wake me up early in the morning.  She wakes up and is up and alert in a wink and wants to get up and play, watch Diego or eat pretty much instantly.

I got into the office on the early side today and remembered to bring my coffee with me.  I didn’t even spill my coffee like I did yesterday.

At lunch today I decided that I would drive around and look at neighbourhoods where we are considering looking for a house rather than getting food.  I wasn’t really hungry, which was amazing considering how little I had to eat yesterday, and so just skipped lunch.

I managed to find a number of homes that we had been looking at on Trulia last night.  Some were definitely not interesting at all but the area in which we are looking definitely looks very potentially good for us.  Close to work, close to the club and generally pretty affordable.  We are planning on going out tomorrow as a family to really look at places more closely.

I had taken lunch late and it was a very busy day so I did not get much time to look around.  I ran into Jamba Juice and grabbed a large fruit smoothie for lunch and headed back to the office.  I wasn’t very hungry but knew if I did not get something that I would be sorry.

Late this afternoon Dominica and Liesl went to Kroger to do some grocery shopping.  Dominica was not feeling well after that and just wanted to relax this evening.

Dad arrived in Ohio this evening safely.  He is out there visiting for the weekend.

Work was very busy all afternoon.  I really felt like going out by the end of the day so Nicki and I went to La Cima and met up with Brian there.  There was a private wedding (as opposed to a public one, I suppose) and basically the entire club was booked for the evening.  There were just two tables of club members at the club this evening so we just had a private room for ourselves.  The bar was open and the bar snack table was set up for us.

We were all a bit hungry so we ordered dinner – the lounge menu was available.  I tried the shrimp po’ boy which I had not had a chance to try yet.  It was excellent as was the Chianti that I had – the same that I had had on Wednesday.

All we did was arrive, order dinner and head back home and it still took several hours.  There is no getting in and out of the club quickly.  It was after seven when we got there, thanks to me having two flat tires on the Mazda when I got out of work.  It was almost nine thirty when I got back to the apartment.

I was expecting to have several hours with Liesl before she went to bed but it turned out that Liesl was already asleep in bed when I got home.  Her schedule is apparently improving.

I fed and walked Oreo.  Then Dominica and I settled in and watched the 1952 Doris Day film April in Paris which is certainly not one of her better films.  It did have Ray Bolger, whom you might know as the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, in a role that did not suite him at all.  It is amazing that even now, Doris Day remains the highest box office grossing actress of all time!

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