September 12, 2010: What’s Your Raashee

I had to get up rather early this morning, for a Sunday, to work on a SAN migration project.  That meant that I was up around seven thirty and worked for several hours on that while my family still slept.

Once I was finally done with work for the day we all just hung out at the house relaxing.  There was some sporadic work throughout the day but nothing large.

I managed to play some Oblivion today.  Not a ton but some.  Far more than I have gotten to play in a while.  I am determined to get through the rest of this game and move on to something else.  I have been playing it for years now.  Basically two full years.  That might be too long for one game.

Once Liesl went to bed this evening, Dominica and I watched the three and a half hour long Hindi movie What’s Your Raashee which was pretty good.  A bit long but it didn’t really feel all that long.  I suppose in the era of chained television episodes without commercials having a three and a half hour movie isn’t really a very big deal.

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