September 23, 2010: Offer Goes In

Today we are waiting to see what happens with the offer that we put in on the house yesterday.  So far, no news.

Work was insanely busy today.  It was that busy that is really, really awful.  I like being busy, as most of my readers know, but I like it when there is something big that is needed and I can focus on it and overcome a major challenge.  My busy today is a thousand little conflicting tasks coming in at such a pace that I can’t even keep up with the email.  I have people give me a single task that takes an hour, then a person from their team ask for a completely different task from me a few minutes later and then check back with me in forty minutes to see if the second task was completed yet while the first task from that team is still underway.  Had they talked to each other they would have known that I should not even have acknowledged the second issue yet let alone started it and definitely not completed it.

Setting expectations is hard.  People forget when they send you work remotely that you might already be working.  They always seem to feel that you are completely idle just waiting for work from them and for some reason do not realize that obvious our processing is serial and that it only takes a task from one single person to keep me completely occupied and unable to handle their request too.

So my entire day was a mix of being overworked and context switching as quickly as possible.  Very stressful because even though I was working to capacity and doing a ton of work everyone feels like I am doing nothing because my queue is so long.  By the end of the day there was tons of stuff that had to be pushed off until tomorrow.  So tomorrow is looking like it is going to be a crazy day as well.

After work today, Dominica and I went down to the new neighbourhood where we are hoping to be living very soon to meet our real estate agent for dinner.  We went to a new TexMex Cantina right around the corner from where we hope to be living.  We ate and signed the paperwork for our offer to officially go in.

The offer went in around nine this evening.  Like Dominica said yesterday… the speed of Texas.  We were thinking that we would hear something back from the seller tonight.  If this was New York, there would be some haggling going on tonight but as this is Texas, we are wondering if that will be the case.

After dinner we went home and I went straight to bed at nine thirty.  Very early but I was totally exhausted.  I got very little sleep last night and today was just awful.  I needed as much sleep as I could get.

I add to my busy day, I got paged out at midnight for an issue that was not even mine and when the support team in India was actively available so I have no idea why they felt the need to call me.  Even if it was my issue and no one was currently on the support desk it is one of those pointless alerts that there is nothing that we can do about anyway so heaven only knows why they call anyone.

After that call I could not go back to sleep and was up for a few hours.  So much for getting a good night’s sleep.

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