October 21, 2010: SpiceWorld 2010

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I woke up this morning at five thirty.  A full thirty minutes before my alarm was set to go off.  I was pretty surprised to be awake so early of my own accord but this can often happen when I have been drinking a bit the night before.  For some reason I just don’t need much sleep in that case.  I only got two and a half hours last night.  But I felt pretty good this morning.

I got up and showered.  I was ready by six thirty when Watson’s alarm when off.  A few minutes later Souder came knocking on the door to get me up and working.  He was already ready for the day as well.  So we went down to the lobby to get tea and to strategize while waiting for the rest of the entourage to awaken.

It was seven thirty, when everyone gathered in the lobby to load into the taxis so that we could get on the road to SpiceWorld 2010.  We ended up getting there pretty early before they were even open for breakfast.

The conference went well today.  The first day really focuses pretty heavily on the keynotes and general sessions.  There were three hundred and ten people at the conference this year and the main hall was completely full so instead of attempting to cram in there several of us made our way to the staff and vendor room and watched the events via the broadcast.  Being in the mostly empty room meant that we could easily sprawl out and relax rather than being crammed in.  Much more comfortable.  Of course Souder fell asleep almost instantly and we all had to post about it on Facebook.

One of the fun things about conferences now is that everyone at the conference, especially a partially social media conference like SpiceWorld, is on Twitter, FaceBook and blogging.  You can go online live and be a part of a secondary conversation going on about the live conversation.  If you skip the social media you are actually missing a large portion of the conference.

The conference this year was much like last year – tons and tons and meet and greet opportunities.  It is, in many ways, a huge party for people who almost never get a chance to see each other in person.  It is a lot of fun.  Although I hate being away from my family.

After the conference was officially done for the day the party moved next door to Highball where we had our after-party last year.  The Highball is an awesome venue.  We had a great time hanging out with the gang at Highball.

We went until one thirty in the morning then back to the hotel for what little but of sleep we could squeeze in.

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